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Existing Rules

State Rules apply on the waterway. Key speed and distance rules include that a master of a vessel must not cause or allow the vessel to be operated on any State waters at a speed exceeding 5 knots within

  • 50 metres of a person in the water,

  • within 50 metres of another vessel.

Schedules are Local Rules for waterways and are a reproduction of official notices published in the Victoria Government Gazette.

Schedule 134 provides Local Rules for Bridgewater Lakes (Discovery Bay Coastal Park). The last Gazetted change was in June 2012. You can read more about Victoria’s Boating rules here:

Local Rules for Bridgewater Lakes (Discovery Bay Coastal Park)  include:

  • Vessels to circulate in a clockwise direction.

  • Exclusive Use and Special Purposes Zones  for  water skiing, powerboating, a slalom water-ski course, ski jump area (ski jump is no longer operational) and an area where a later start  for exclusive use activities is described in clauses of the rule.

  • Hours for the exclusive use of parts of the lake for towed sports and powerboating. Described in Summer Time (Daylight Saving Time), Eastern Standard Time and months.

  • Excluding fishing and diving from boats while towed sports and boating is undertaken.

  • Prohibiting powered vessels from travelling within 15m of lake shore/reed banks.

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